The years 1878 and 1879 marked the arrival of two more future millionaires. David May opened his auction house and clothing store, later buying out his biggest competitor. The company eventually became the nationwide May D&F. Charles Boettcher (at left) opened a thriving hardware business, later moving to Denver where he became one of its most successful businessmen and benefactors. Many ...

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        East Side Mining District

              Leadville’s East Side Mining District means above-treeline views of nearby mountains, miles of roads and trails, and the intrigue of mining ruins. Roam this area with wheels or on foot, and you’ll find old mining headframes peeking through the trees, timber ore houses on hillsides, and tall stacks of tailings, the crushed rock that once yielded precious metals. There's Gold (and ...

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              Hopemore Mine Tour

              2921 County Road 1, Leadville, CO  |  (719) 486-0301

                    One of Colorado's few remaining underground mine tours, the Hopemore Mine Tour is led by a long-time miner and journeys deep into the earth through an original mining shaft. To get there, you enter what's called the cage, then are lowered 600' down the shaft of a mine opened in 1908. Then, with your headlamp to light the way, you walk ...

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                    Route of the Silver Kings

                    809 Harrison Avenue, Leadville, CO  |  (719) 486-3900  |  Website >

                          Take a driving tour through the 20-square-mile historic mining district surrounding Leadville, on dirt roads. Most are passable in cars. The Route of the Silver King tour has 12 stops, including mines, power plants, ghost towns, and mining camps. Maps are available at the Visitor Center at 809 Harrison Avenue in Leadville. For the route, download a Heritage Guide or pick up ...

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