3 Reasons to Love Spring in the Rockies

        In North America’s highest city, we’re embracing the in-between season, when winter hasn’t quite left and summer hasn’t quite arrived. Come see for yourself why this playful season is a great time to visit Leadville and Twin Lakes, Colorado.

        1. You can enjoy winter or summer sports—on the same day.

        Spring is the best of both worlds. Want to sneak in a few last runs on your backcountry skis, snowmobile or snow bike? Winter still sparkles just a few hundred feet up from Leadville, where the East Side Mining District remains covered in snow.

        Prefer a warm-weather adventure? If you like to fish, head a few miles south to Hayden Reservoir, or cast your line in the spring flows just beginning on the Arkansas River. Go just a little further south, and you can whitewater raft the rising river. Twin Lakes is now ice-free and ready for you to float your boat. Or bike or hike around the shore or explore the ghost resort of Interlaken.

        You can even ride your bike around the Mineral Belt Trail that encircles Leadville or bike or drive around scenic Turquoise Lake.

        2. Low cost. Crowd-free.

        Enjoy pre-season lodging rates and uncrowded trails, tours, and restaurants. Just like a spring flower, area attractions are opening slowly for summer. Catch these before the summer rush:

        Leadville’s full slate of museums and tours, and the Twin Lakes Visitor Center, open by Memorial Day weekend.

        3. The weather is full of surprises—just like Leadville.

        When you’re 10,152’ high in the Rockies, springtime can mean flying snow or warm sun, sometimes all within the same hour. But whether you’re experiencing winter or summer, it’s always beautiful.

        Isn’t a chance to see the wildness of the West’s bawdiest former boomtowns, where anything can happen, one of the reasons you come to Leadville anyway?

        Check out Leadville and Twin Lakes this spring, and get ready for a pleasant surprise!

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