6 Virtual Visits to Leadville & Twin Lakes

        We miss you and are looking forward to when we can safely welcome you back to Leadville and Twin Lakes. For now, though, we ask you to enjoy our area through a virtual visit. Here are some ways you can experience the mountains and lakes from the comfort of your own home.

        Take a Quick Virtual Tour!

        Leadville and Twin Lakes attractions may be closed now, but you can see some online! Get a preview now, so you’ll know what to see in person later this year when safe travel resumes.

        1) Learn about California Gulch and Copper and See Mine Sites from the Sky

        Known as the Smithsonian of the Rockies, Leadville’s National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum tells the story of mining, its people, its importance to the American public, and to society’s sustainability. Check out three virtual exhibits, of the many collections in this 25,000′ museum:

        Leadville Train2) Renovate a Boxcar with Us

        Get a sneak peek of the Leadville Colorado & Southern Railroad’s new lounge car, debuting in 2020! This winter, an old boxcar was transformed into a new heated and insulated lounge car. You can book reserved booth seating and ride in this new car when the railroad opens for the season. Go behind the scenes with the railroad’s Steven Ayers in a series of videos highlighting this exciting renovation on the railroad’s Facebook page.

        3) Go Inside the Tabor Opera House

        See scenes from inside Leadville’s historic Tabor Opera House. Learn about this elegant building’s history and the plans for its $10 million rehabilitation. Phase 1 of this multi-year effort, repairing crumbling brickwork and windows on the West and South exterior walls, is set to kick off this spring!

        Sit Back and Relax with a Movie!

        Leadville and Twin Lakes are full of fascinating characters and fun things to do. Sit back, relax, and watch these Colorado Public Television shows:

        4) Meet the Tabors…and Their Love Triangle

        Twenty years after the Gold Rush, the Colorado Silver Boom occurred in 1879 causing hordes of silver seekers to rush the Rockies. Horace Tabor, known as “The Bonanza King of Leadville,” joined the crowds and landed in the Centennial state becoming one of the richest silver barons in history. In this special show, discover the extravagant lives of Colorado’s most famous love triangle.

        5) Explore Ski Cooper’s Slopes & Honor 10th Mountain Heroes

        Sure, spring is kicking off now, but it’ll be winter again before you know it. For vicarious winter fun, check out Leadville: City in the Clouds! Hop on a snowcat for an exciting tour on Chicago Ridge. Then join us to hit the slopes at Ski Cooper, a charming destination for an authentic, family friendly, and affordable day on the mountain. Go with host Juliana Broste to honor the famed heroes of the 10th Mountain Division.

        6) Fat Bike and Snowshoe to a Gourmet Dinner in the Woods

        In the second video of this winter series, explore the superb fat tire biking opportunities in North America’s highest city. Join us to snowshoe to the Tennessee Pass Cookhouse and sample its mouthwatering menu. End with a good night’s sleep in the ultra-cozy Tennessee Pass sleep yurts. Leadville: Be In Your Element! will give you a virtual escape to winter.

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