Colorado Backcountry Winter Safety: Know Before You Go

        If you head into the Colorado backcountry this winter, please be sure you’re prepared.

        Did you know that search and rescue calls at Leadville and Twin Lakes have risen sharply in the past two years? And that many are from visitors?

        Check out the resources below before you enter the backcountry. Take the Colorado Backcountry Winter Safety Pledge. And have a fun and safe trip!

        Staying Safe in the Backcountry in Winter

        If you venture into the backcountry this winter, please do so safely. We can help!

        The Colorado Tourism Office has put together an extensive Colorado Backcountry Winter Safety Toolkit. Check it out to:

        1) Take a Safety Class

        Find online and in-person classes.

        2) Find Guides, Outfitters & Training

        Find outfitters in Leadville/Twin Lakes for fat biking, Nordic skiing and snowshoeing, skiing, and snowmobiling and outfitters throughout Colorado.

        3) Locate Danger Areas

        Check the daily Sawatch avalanche forecast (near Leadville/Twin Lakes) or, if you’re driving to another part of Colorado, the statewide avalanche forecast.

        4) Learn How to Play it Safe in Colorado’s Backcountry.

        Learn how to play it safe in Colorado’s backcountry: Know before you go, recreate responsibly, and care for Colorado.

        5) Find Resources by Sport

        Find resources by sport from ice climbing to winter wildlife viewing.

        6) Care for Colorado

        See how to Care for Colorado. It’s the only one we’ve got!

        7) Practice Covid-19 Safety

        Learn about Colorado travel during Covid-19.

        8) Donate to Colorado Search & Rescue

        When you donate to Lake County Search & Rescue, you help those who help others.

        Sign the Pledge

        CTO Backcountry Winter SafetyPlease sign the Colorado Backcountry Winter Safety Pledge!

        Learn how to play it safe in Colorado’s backcountry.

        Please pledge to follow the guidelines below so that you may understand the risks involved in exploring the backcountry and do your best to play it safe:

        Know Before You Go

        • Know Your Destination
        • Know Your Equipment
        • Know the Weather
        • Know Your Limits

        Recreate Responsibly

        • Recreate Knowledgeably
        • Recreate Inclusively
        • Recreate Considerately

        Care for Colorado

        • Trash the Trash
        • Leave It As You Found It
        • Be Careful with Fire
        • Keep Wildlife Wild

        Sign the pledge now!

        Know before you go. Approach our majestic mountains with respect. And have a safe and wonderful trip!

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