7 Ways to Keep Leadville & Twin Lakes Beautiful

        Love Leadville and Twin Lakes? You can help preserve its majestic natural beauty for years to come!

        We’ve shared our favorite “top of the Rockies” sustainable travel tips here, because the actions that are good for our lakes and forests can also give you a more rewarding time in the great outdoors! Follow these tips for a fun and safe visit—and so that you can enjoy this pristine area again! 📷: @mobileandmonitoring

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        1) Be Careful with Fire

        Help protect forests, wildlife, and homes.

        Please help reduce the chance of wildfire by following current fire restrictions.

        When campfires are allowed, your fire should be cool enough to touch before you leave it. Here are some tips on how to put your fire dead out and how to lessen your campfire’s impact. Did you know that driving in dry grass, shooting, and smoking can start wildfires too? And that fires can burn even after a rain because downed logs and other fuels may still be dry?

        2) Spread Out

        Find peace and quiet in the mountains.

        Research lesser-used routes to avoid trailhead congestion and overuse of camping sites. It’s best to check a map so that you don’t unintentionally trespass onto private land.

        You’ll get more quiet time and the magic of solitude in the mountains. You might even see more wildlife! 📷: @katielasak

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        3) Stay Found and Safe

        Have an adventure that’s both memorable and safe.

        In the summer of 2020, search and rescue calls in Lake County were up 200-300%. We want you to easily and comfortably find your way back from your adventures.

        • Research your route ahead of time.
        • Bring navigation and know how to use it.
        • Carry the 10 essentials.
        • Check the weather. At the National Weather Service, you can type in names of peaks and passes (like Mount Elbert, CO and Mosquito Pass, CO) for more-accurate point forecasts. Mountain-Forecast.com lets you search by peak. Weather can change very quickly in Colorado! Watch the sky, and turn around if bad weather threatens.
        • Pack plenty of layers. Include a waterproof layer, warm clothes, and hat and gloves, especially if you’re going above treeline. 📷: @cold_butnotthatdeep

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        4) Stick To Trails

        Get some Leadville grit on your boots and tires!

        Hikers / Bikers: Walking in the middle of the trail, even if it’s wet, protects delicate plants and prevents erosion. Wear waterproof hiking boots so that you can trudge through! Please be sure to avoid shortcuts.

        If you need to go off trail, stepping on durable surfaces (rock, sand, and gravel) can help. Wet meadows and alpine tundra are especially sensitive to footsteps. If you’re camping, please pitch your tent at least 200 feet from lakes, rivers, and streams to keep waters clean. Learn more about low-impact travel.

        OHV Riders: Ride off-highway vehicles over obstacles, not around them. That way you’ll enjoy extra off-roading challenge while you protect plants and prevent erosion and trail widening. See more OHV trail tips. 🎥: @mzhydeadventures & @trout17

        5) Trash the Trash (and the Poop)

        Enjoy clean, clear waters and beautiful forests.

        You can help keep our trails and forests naturally clean by carrying out all trash.

        When nature calls far from an outhouse, please walk at least 200 steps from a water source, and bury your poop 6-8 inches deep. Pack out used toilet paper and sanitary products. Keeping a trowel, TP, and plastic bags in your pack is a great idea.

        Please pack out your pup’s waste too! Dog poop introduces non-native ingredients into wild areas. See more tips on disposing of waste properly. 📷: @mtelbertcanoe

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        6) Leave What You Find

        Share the joy of discovery!

        At Leadville and Twin Lakes, we hope you’ll find plenty to treasure! Take lots of photos to remember your trip. Please leave all historic artifacts, flowers, rocks, and more where you find them so that other visitors can have the joy of discovery. 📷: @rockeemountainhigh

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        7) Take our Adventure by Nature Pledge!

        Take our Adventure by Nature Pledge and promise to help protect this majestic area!

        We Look Forward to Your Visit!

        We can’t wait to see you here at the top of the Rockies! For more information on sustainable travel, check out tips from these sources:

        Have a fun and safe trip!

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