Learn to Ski, Snowboard, Nordic Ski & Snowshoe at Leadville-Twin Lakes

        With abundant snow, Leadville and Twin Lakes, Colorado offer several great places to learn to downhill ski, snowboard, cross-country ski, and snowshoe. Our lessons will have you gliding happily across the snow in no time. And the scenery puts you in a winter wonderland.

        Ski Cooper is a fantastic place to learn to ski and ride. Its laid-back, family-friendly vibe will make you feel welcome, and its wide beginner slopes will treat you right.

        Leadville-Twin Lakes also offers nearly 100 miles of groomed winter trails, a haven for Nordic ski beginners and new snowshoe enthusiasts. If you also like to explore on wheels, learn why Leadville-Twin Lakes is a fat biking mecca.

        Ready to fall in love with a new sport? It’s easy to learn! Here’s where you can take several kinds of skiing and riding lessons.

        Ski and Snowboard Lessons at Ski Cooper

        Ready to ski or snowboard for the first time—or to improve your skills? Learn at Ski Cooper’s renowned ski school!

        Under the direction of seasoned and certified professional Bill McGinty, Cooper’s instructors are highly qualified and incredibly friendly. You’ll feel comfortable from the word “go” and will love your time on the snow!

        Cooper has acres of learning terrain, served by Colorado’s longest Magic Carpet conveyor lift, which is an easy way to ride up the slope. You’ll have plenty of room to get comfortable on the gentle slopes.

        As your skills progress, take on some of the nation’s the finest “Green Circle” easier terrain. You can practice your skills there until you graduate to our smooth intermediate “Blue Square” cruising runs. When you’ve become an advanced skier/rider you can really put your skills to the test on Cooper’s advanced “Black Diamond” slopes.

        Whether it’s your first time on snow, or you’re looking to improve advanced techniques like powder, trees, or moguls, our Ski School will help you reach your goals!

        Cost (in addition to ski pass):

        • First-Timer Group Lesson: Introduction to Ski or Snowboard – Ages 6 & up grouped by age – $119/person
        • Kids Ski Lessons: Individual or small group lessons for kids traveling together with similar ability levels – Ages 3-5 – $99 for one child; $69 each for two or more children
        • Platinum Ski or Snowboard Lesson: Private lesson or semi-private lesson for similar ages and ability levels, Individuals and people traveling together – Ages 6 & up, All levels – $189 per person; $129 each for two or more people

        Rental rates range from $30 – $55 per day, plus $15/day for a helmet. Ski and snowboard equipment rentals are also available in downtown Leadville.

        Ages 3 and up for Ski Lessons | Ages 6 and up for Snowboard Lessons

        Cross-Country Ski Lessons

        Cross-country skiing comes in two styles. In classic style, you kick and glide along a track. In skate skiing, you push off from each leg, creating a V-shaped pattern on the snow. Both are fun, and we offer lessons in both styles!

        Tennessee Pass Nordic Center

        At the Tennessee Pass Nordic Center, you can learn classic and skate skiing in private and group lessons. Lessons include a daily trail pass to give you plenty of time to practice and enjoy great snow and jaw-dropping scenery.

        Lesson Cost:

        • Private Lesson – $65 / 90 minutes
        • Group Lesson – $45 / each additional skier

        Lesson price includes your trail pass for the day. Please call 719-486-1750 at least 24 hours in advance to make reservations for lessons.

        Rentals are extra: Track/Classic $18-25/day; Skate $20-$30/day. For use on all area trails, rentals are also available in downtown Leadville.

        Cross-Country Ski & Snowshoe Trails to Try

        Leadville-Twin Lakes is renowned for its groomed winter trails.

        Best for Beginners

        The Tennessee Pass Nordic Center and Mt. Massive Nordic Ski and Snowshoe Trails, are great for new skiers and snowshoers. Good places for new Nordic skiers include the Mineral Belt Trail and the Timberline Trails at Colorado Mountain College.

        Best for Intermediate and Up

        Leadville’s East Side Mining District offers amazing mountain views and some areas with steeper hills. The Mining District trails and Turquoise Lake trails are also open for snowmobiles, so keep an eye and ear out and be ready to step off trail and wave hello!

        The Leadville National Fish Hatchery has nice trails through the forest and past lakes; they are not groomed and have slightly more hill.

        Snowshoe to Interlaken Resort

        Twin Lakes Trails

        New snowshoers may also want to try the Interlaken trail near Twin Lakes or the Colorado Trail / Continental Divide Trail as it wraps around the lake shore. These trails are not groomed, so they may be more difficult for new cross-country skiers.

        Portions of the Colorado Trail / Continental Divide Trail near Twin Lakes may also be good in certain conditions, but some areas pass under avalanche terrain. They are not recommended for beginners unless you also have backcountry travel experience and avalanche training and gear.

        Trail Etiquette

        The Leadville-Twin Lakes area has nearly 100 miles of free or affordable winter trails. They are groomed all season to offer you the best experience possible!

        Did you know that people are asked to travel on certain parts of each winter trail depending on their activity? Doing so keeps the trail smooth and safe for all users. Here’s how to know which section to use.

        Non-Skiers, Please Avoid the Ski Tracks

        On one side of the trail, you will see long parallel ski tracks. Those are for Nordic skiing. If you are not skiing, please do not step on the ski tracks, as doing so creates a bumpy ride for people on skinny skis.

        Please Travel Here

        • Classic Nordic Skiers: Use ski tracks.
        • Skate Skiers: The corduroy in the middle of the trail is for you.
        • Fatbikers: Ride to the edge of the trail opposite the ski tracks.
        • Snowshoers: Use the far side of the trail opposite the ski tracks (on the Mineral Belt Trail). In some places, you may also see snowshoe tracks just to the right of the ski tracks.
        • Walkers/Hikers: Walk on the far side of the trail opposite the ski tracks, or just to the right of the ski tracks. If the snow is soft, you may “posthole,” or sink deeply into the snow leaving a post-sized hole. If that happens, please consider using snowshoes or coming back on a day when the snow is firm, to preserve the groomed surface for other users. Snowshoe rentals are also available in downtown Leadville.

        Please also warn other users when you come up behind them, as they may not hear you coming.

        For Your Dog

        If you are bringing a doggo, please keep your pup on a leash, for everyone’s safety. A dog could trip skiers or bikers, and a crash could injure people and pets.

        Please note that dogs must be leashed at the Mt. Massive Nordic Ski and Snowshoe Trails.

        Where to Rent Equipment

        Cross Country Ski Rentals:

        Alpine Ski & Sport (Leadville)
        Leadville Outdoors (Leadville)
        Leadville Ski Country (Leadville)
        Tennessee Pass Nordic Center (near Ski Cooper)

        Snowshoe Rentals:

        Alpine Ski & Sport (Leadville)
        Bill’s Rentals (Leadville)
        Leadville Outdoors (Leadville)
        Leadville Ski Country (Leadville)
        Tennessee Pass Nordic Center (near Ski Cooper)
        SUP and Cycle (Twin Lakes)

        Ski & Snowboard Rentals:

        Alpine Ski & Sport (Leadville)
        Bill’s Rentals (Leadville)
        Leadville Ski Country (Leadville)
        Ski Cooper (Ski Cooper)
        Tennessee Pass Nordic Center (near Ski Cooper)


        We’re thrilled to introduce you to what we hope will become a lifelong love of winter sports. Have a wonderful time!

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