Periodic Brewing

Periodic Brewing

115 E 7th St, Leadville, CO 80461   |   (720) 316-8144   |   Website >

        Periodic Brewing is a startup beer brewery in Leadville, Colorado, that opened in the fall of 2015. Our brewery-taproom operation is a family-oriented location that encourages people to stop by, enjoy a beer, and relax with friends. The environment is geared towards casual meetings, relaxing with a good book, or catching up on some work.

        Periodic Brewing is a family owned business. We believe in building a business that supports, rather than competes with, the town’s other eateries and bars. We know our menu is tasty but small. So, come in and have great beer while bringing your food from local eateries such as Tennessee Pass Cafe or delivery from High Mountain Pies.

        The world’s highest craft brewery stirs up innovative brews and gourmet snacks and pub fare at 10,156′.

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