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Adventure by Nature Pledge

Please share the Adventure by Nature Pledge, and our local sustainability video, on your website and social media. The pledge raises visitors’ awareness of the need for responsible recreation. We also capture pledge takers’ email addresses so that we can email them info on sustainable travel.

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Link to page with pledge: https://www.leadvilletwinlakes.com/adventure-by-nature-pledge

Share video link: https://youtu.be/la2K-FVTsdo
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Camping in Leadville CO

2020 Focus Group & Survey Findings

During the pandemic, visitor patterns changed, and the Lake County Tourism Panel looked at the effects. The Tourism Panel received 50 hours of no-cost mentoring from the Colorado Tourism Office (CTO) and its Colorado Rural Academy for Tourism (CRAFT) program in late 2020 and used it to learn of visitor impacts.

The CTO mentor led two community outreach efforts within Lake County to understand the 2020 impacts on public lands and the visitor traffic to local businesses and attractions. See the CRAFT Recovery Mentor Summary Report.


Focus Group with Local Land Management Stakeholders: Local land management stakeholders (U.S. Forest Service, trail organizations, Search and Rescue, huts, Visitor Center, etc.) joined a focus group and followup meeting. The 13 attendees shared these findings:

  • Land agency managers overwhelmingly saw increased visitation to public lands, including trailheads, campgrounds and open spaces. They experienced flat or reduced staffing during unprecedented visitor use.
  • Search and Rescue calls increased 200-300% compared to normal volume.
  • Private businesses operating within public lands observed a mix in visitation and revenue due to COVID-19 occupancy limits.
  • Lake County’s two visitor centers saw decreased visitation and revenue because of restricted hours due to COVID-19.

Online Survey with Tourism-related Businesses: An online survey was available to 87 tourism-related businesses from Dec. 4-16, 2020. The response rate was 20%. Findings noted that businesses and organizations saw an increase in visitors, but revenue was flat or down compared to previous years. Many businesses did not see direct visitor impacts to their business, but they did experience visitor impacts as a resident. The impacts reported most were illegal camping, traffic congestion, and not complying with fire bans. See a summary of findings from the focus group and online survey.


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