Fishing Report

Fishing Report

        This fishing report covers the upper Arkansas River from Leadville to Buena Vista. It is provided courtesy of Colorado Fly Fishing Guides, located at 504 Harrison Avenue* in downtown Leadville.

        Upper Arkansas River (Between Leadville and Buena Vista)
        June 11, 2022

        With the warmer air temps., flows have started to rise and high water conditions do exist. Despite the elevated flows, clarity is rating fair in the mornings and improves to good from late morning to early evening. We are getting some nice hatches of, caddis, small mayfly, and midge, but the dry fly action has not quite kicked in yet in the upper valley. Consider nymphing bigger runs , eddies, and deeper soft shoulders with stonefly nymphs & caddis and/or midge emergers.

        For help with techniques, and to spend a day on the water, give us a call at 866-908-7547 or email us.

        *Please note the new location for Colorado Fly Fishing Guides at 504 Harrison Avenue in Leadville, right next door to City on a Hill Coffee Shop and across the street from the Lake County Courthouse.

        📷: @coloradoflyfishingguides and @therollingjranch

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