E-Bike Leadville

E-Bike Leadville

113 E 7th St, Leadville, CO 80461   |   719-581-0966   |   Website >

      E-bike Leadville is owned by Megan and Ted Green, who live in Leadville with their three kids and two dogs. As outdoor enthusiasts, Ted and Megan like to share the beauty of their surroundings with those who wish to enjoy it.

      As the premier e-Bike rental company in Leadville, our mission is to level the playing field and make the beauty of Leadville accessible to everyone. Sitting at 10,200′, Leadville is the highest city in North America, and the altitude can quickly end any family fun adventure. With the assistance of an e-Bike, you and your entire group will be able to comfortably and safely enjoy the serene beauty of Leadville.

      Visit us at 113 E. 7th Street, Leadville, Colorado!

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