Leadville ATV Tours

Leadville ATV Tours

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      Take a tour through the amazing scenery Leadville has to offer. From the many abandoned mines to the top of Mosquito Pass at 13,186’!

      Open Year Round!

      ATV/UTV Tours

      Leadville ATV Tours provides you with the chance to be guided over 12,000ft of elevation into the rockies.

      We begin our tours at 1 Harrison Avenue in Leadville Colorado, right across from where the Leadville Gold Rush began in 1859 at California Gulch. We tour down dirt roads to explore some of the many abandoned mines from the days of Leadville’s mining past.

      Tours are small, family friendly and have incredible views!  No prior machine riding experience is needed.  We give every driver a personal safety speech and spend time showing you how to operate the equipment safely.  Book today!


      You can also take a 2.5 hour UTV tour on winter tracks across Leadville’s abandoned mines to the mountains of Mosquito Pass.

      Recreate Responsibly

      Throughout the tour, we will teach best practices to safely and responsibly recreate in Colorado’s wilderness. All tours are led by trained and experienced guides, with safety being the utmost importance. We can’t wait to put a huge smile on all your faces!

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