Timberline Trails Winter Singletrack

Timberline Trails Winter Singletrack

Co Rd 41, Leadville, CO 80461 Website >

        Distance: 6 miles

        Sports: Mountain biking

        Located in the winter trails mecca of Leadville, Colorado, at an elevation of 10,200′, the Timberline Trails have something for everyone. The Cloud City Wheelers bike club grooms these trails all winter to provide amazing experiences for fat bikes. However, fat bikers are not the only ones who are reaping the benefits of a devoted team of volunteers, as these trails are open to all non-motorized activity!

        Intersecting the Colorado Mountain College Nordic trails and the Mineral Belt Trail, all groomed in winter, these trails are much narrower and provide a different thrill, with amazing views of Colorado’s highest peaks.

        What Makes It Great

        Reliable snow conditions due to a highly motivated volunteer crew teamed up with gradual rolling terrain make this the perfect fat biking area. Just three minutes from Cycles of Life bike shop downtown, these easily accessible trails aim to please. Start on Boulders to the east of Perma Grin to the west and pick your poison in the middle. The gentle terrain makes these trails enjoyable for all ages, especially with a downhill finish back to the college!


        Trail Descriptions

        Boulders: The trail that inspired a system. Boulders warms you up fast while climbing with a few steep pitches. Descend this trail and feel the joy. Watch for uphill users.

        Saddle Up: Saddle up and ride this lollipop shaped loop with gentle terrain changes. One prospect pit to roll up and over……just don’t fall in!

        Slip n Slide: Climbing or descending, this serpentine stack flows! Cruise through the lodgepole forest and bank into the smooth switchbacks for an exhilarating ride.

        Giddyup: Like a storm trooper zipping through the trees, you’ll enjoy zigging and zagging on this rolling trail.

        And Again: An out and back. If you giggled through Giddyup, get yourself some more and freeze that smile on your face.

        Where the Heck am I: Embrace feeling like you’re lost and enjoy the ride! Ride it twice cause you’ll have to.

        Cutloop: Tight turns and big smiles! See if you can keep your hands off the brakes and feel the flow.

        Permagrin: Great way to start your ride with a subtle uphill. So fun, you’ll forget you’re climbing. Try it downhill jumping the rollers and take your smile to go.

        Directions to Trailhead:

        Trailhead is located south towards Colorado Mountain College on Co. Rd. 41. At the top of the hill take a left and you’ll see the trailhead sign. Junctions are marked and have maps. Fat tires must not leave a deep impression in the snow. If you are leaving a deep impression and your tires have less than 5 psi in them, you might want to go skiing and let the snow set up more. Please clean up after your pet!