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Healy House Museum and Dexter Cabin

912 Harrison Avenue, Leadville, CO  |  (719) 486-0487  |  Website >

        Now open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.! Discover two of Leadville's earliest houses for a glimpse of life in a booming silver-mining town. The Dexter Cabin and Healy House feature lavish Victorian furniture, including objects belonging to Horace and Augusta Tabor, and a beautiful Victorian garden. Healy House August R. Meyer's 1878 Greek Revival clapboard ...

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        Heritage Museum

        102 E 9th St, Leadville, CO  |  (719) 486-1878

              The Heritage Museum is currently closed. Please check back for updates. Thank you! To learn more about what makes Leadville tick, explore the fine collection of Leadville memorabilia at the Heritage Museum. Leadville Ice Palace Did you know that in 1896, Leadville built a five-acre ice palace, complete with 90’ high ice towers with turrets, life-sized sculptures of prospectors and burros, ...

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              House with the Eye

              127 W 4th St, Leadville, CO 80461  |  (719) 486-0708

                    The House with the Eye will be closed in summer 2020. Please check back for updates at a later date. Thank you! What would Leadville's charming Victorian homes have looked like inside during the boom days? The House with the Eye provides a glimpse. Built in 1879, the House with the Eye was originally the personal residence of Eugene Robitaille, a ...

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                    Matchless Mine

                    Co Rd 3, Leadville, CO 80461  |  (719) 486-1229  |  Website >

                          The Matchless Mine will be temporarily closed until spring 2021 during a project to rehabilitate the No. 6 hoist house. About the Rehabilitation The project will rehabilitate and stabilize the No. 6 hoist house, an important Matchless Mine structure that is in danger of collapse. The hoist house contained the hoist that raised and lowered miners and ore in the No. ...

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                          National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum

                          120 W 9th St, Leadville, CO 80461  |  (719) 486-1229  |  Website >

                                Now open 7 days a week! Visitors are asked to wear a face covering, wash hands, maintain at least six feet of distance from other visitors. What would it be like to work in a mine, blasting rock in narrow passageways deep underground? You can imagine it at the National Mining Hall of Fame & Museum. Tour replicas of caves and ...

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                                Tabor Home

                                116 East 5th Street, Leadville, CO  |  (855) 488-1222 / (719) 486-7368

                                      The Tabor Home will be closed for summer 2020. Please check back for updates at a future date. Thank you! The home of silver king Horace Tabor and his first wife, Augusta, was built around 1877 and moved from its original site on Harrison Ave. to its present location to make room for the Tabor Opera House. The couple lived in ...

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                                      Tabor Opera House

                                      Tabor Opera House, Harrison Avenue, Leadville  |  (719) 486-8409  |  Website >

                                            Tabor Opera House offers tours through Sept. 6, 2020, by advance reservation only. Experience the splendor of this majestic opera house, once billed as the finest theatre between St. Louis and San Francisco. Silver baron Horace Tabor, who made his fortune in Leadville, built this opulent building in 1879 in a mere 100 days. Join us for performances and tours. Tours ...

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                                            Temple Israel

                                            201 West 4th Street, Leadville, CO 80461  |  (303) 709-7050  |  Website >

                                                  Temple Israel is open Friday to Monday from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and by appointment on the other days. Please call 303-709-7050 for an appointment. Visitors must wear face coverings, and no more than 23 people can be inside at a time. Built in 1884, Temple Israel is the oldest of the area’s frontier synagogues. After a fire ...

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