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If you like snow and winter sports, Leadville and Twin Lakes, Colorado, is the place to be! Our long winters mean plenty of time to ski, skate, snowshoe, snowmobile, and more. For relaxing year-end holidays, escape to our peaceful snow-covered pines and quiet town with old-fashioned Victorian charm.

For a preview of winter fun, check out the Colorado Public Television video Leadville: City in the Clouds! Hop on a snowcat for an exciting tour on Chicago Ridge. Then join us to hit the slopes at Ski Cooper, a charming destination for an authentic, family friendly, and affordable day on the mountain. Go with host Juliana Broste to honor the famed heroes of the 10th Mountain Division.

In the series’ second video, Leadville: Be In Your Element!, join us to explore the superb fat tire biking opportunities in North America’s highest city. Learn how you can snowshoe to the Tennessee Pass Cookhouse and sample its mouthwatering menu. And how you and your family can have a unique vacation in the Tennessee Pass sleep yurts–complete with a warm, restful night.

Groomed Winter Trails in Leadville

        Snow comes early and stays late in North America's highest city! Conditions are great from late fall well into May. Whether you Nordic ski, snowshoe, fat bike, or snowmobile, you'll love the groomed winter trails in historic Leadville, Colorado. Hit the motherlode! Why Leadville's Trails Are Pure Gold Low Cost: Access nearly 100 miles of trails at a great value! Groomed Regularly ...

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        Leadville Ski Joring & Crystal Carnival Weekend

        Leadville, CO, United States

              March 5-7, 2021 At the 2021 Leadville Ski Joring and Crystal Carnival Weekend, see the unique sport of ski joring and join mountain bike and Nordic ski races, a paintball biathlon, and umpteen other kinds of winter fun! What Is Ski Joring? Leadville Ski Joring is an action-packed sport where a horse and rider race down snow-packed Harrison Avenue in Leadville's ...

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              Downtown Leadville

              809 Harrison Avenue, Leadville, CO  |  (719) 486-3900  |  Website >

                    Stroll Leadville’s main street, and you’ll be surrounded by ornate architecture, colorful storefronts, and local businesses set in original Victorian buildings. Unlike other Colorado mining towns, Leadville still looks much as it did in years past, with local merchants lining the streets of historic Harrison Avenue and a down-to-earth, local vibe. National Historic Landmark District In fact, 70 square blocks of ...

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                    East Side Mining District

                          Leadville’s East Side Mining District means above-treeline views of nearby mountains, miles of roads and trails, and the intrigue of mining ruins. Roam this area with wheels or on foot, and you’ll find old mining headframes peeking through the trees, timber ore houses on hillsides, and tall stacks of tailings, the crushed rock that once yielded precious metals. There's Gold (and ...

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                          Healy House Museum and Dexter Cabin

                          912 Harrison Avenue, Leadville, CO  |  (719) 486-0487  |  Website >

                                Now open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.! Discover two of Leadville's earliest houses for a glimpse of life in a booming silver-mining town. The Dexter Cabin and Healy House feature lavish Victorian furniture, including objects belonging to Horace and Augusta Tabor, and a beautiful Victorian garden. Healy House August R. Meyer's 1878 Greek Revival clapboard ...

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                                Interlaken Resort

                                      Journey to a now-abandoned resort on the shores of Twin Lakes, called Interlaken, that you can only reach by trail or boat. At this National Historic Site maintained by the U.S. Forest Service, you can roam around the original buildings, set amidst pine trees and sage, including the two-story Interlaken Hotel built in 1879 and a state-of-the-art octagonal outhouse. You ...

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                                      Leadville Loppet

                                            Now an American Birkebeiner qualifier, the Leadville Loppet Nordic ski race is held each February as a fundraiser for Leadville's beloved Mineral Belt Trail. Bring your whole family! Choose from these race distances: 44K, 22K, 10K, 5K, and 1K. Please stay tuned for the 2021 date!...

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                                            Leadville National Fish Hatchery

                                            2846 Highway 300, Leadville, CO 80461  |  (719) 486-0189  |  Website >

                                                  Watch fish swish at the Leadville National Fish Hatchery, built in 1889 and the nation’s second-oldest federal hatchery. Tours, Trails, and Picnics For a close-up view of the fish production process, take a self-guided tour through this brownstone building, with tanks of fish inside and out. Tours are available by appointment to organized groups. Walk the hatchery’s scenic one-mile nature trail ...

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                                                  National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum

                                                  120 W 9th St, Leadville, CO 80461  |  (719) 486-1229  |  Website >

                                                        Now open 7 days a week!  What would it be like to work in a mine, blasting rock in narrow passageways deep underground? You can imagine it at the National Mining Hall of Fame & Museum. Tour replicas of caves and mines, check out the masks past miners wore to breathe and the carbide lamps that lit their way, and ...

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                                                        Ski Cooper

                                                        Ski Cooper, 232 County Road 29 Leadville, CO 80461  |  (800) 707-6114  |  Website >

                                                              New: Double Black Diamonds at Ski Cooper! Ski Cooper has opened the new Tennessee Creek Basin, with 19 new double black runs and a new lift! Come explore the new steep chutes, glades, and open runs at Cooper! The advanced terrain adds a fresh dimension to Cooper’s family-friendly vibe. Now, you can bring all your family and friends to Cooper, whether ...

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                                                              Tennessee Pass Nordic Center, Cookhouse & Sleep Yurts

                                                              Ski Cooper, Leadville, CO  |  (719) 486-1750  |  Website >

                                                                    Open Summer 2020: Cookhouse: Dinner Thursday-Sunday nights at 6 p.m., by reservation only. Private events are available. Happy Hour every Saturday from 2-4:30 p.m. Enjoy a one-mile hike to the Cookhouse for outdoor cocktails and appetizers. Open house, no reservation needed. Brunch every Sunday at 11 a.m., by reservation only. Sleep Yurts are open daily, depending ...

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                                                                    Timberline Trails Winter Singletrack

                                                                    Co Rd 41, Leadville, CO 80461 Website >

                                                                          Distance: 9.5 miles Elevation Gain: 330' Activities: Fat bike, Nordic ski, snowshoe Equipment: Rent equipment in downtown Leadville Cost: Free * Conditions: See the latest grooming report TRAIL MAP  Why It's a Gem Located in the winter trails mecca of Leadville, Colorado, the Timberline Trails network is the perfect fat biking area. Gradual rolling terrain and reliable snow conditions, thanks to a ...

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                                                                          Winter Sports

                                                                                Leadville, Colorado, is a winter sports mecca, set at 10,152’ where snows are plentiful. The roads into town stay plowed, so you can access trails and find freshies all winter. Whether you’re an expert skier, a first-time snowshoer, or anything in between, you’ll love winter sports in North America’s highest city. Biking: Fat bike on 100 miles of groomed winter trails ...

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                                                                                Year-End Holidays

                                                                                      Escape the holiday rush for a peaceful, old-fashioned getaway high in the Colorado Rockies. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or are looking for a relaxing New Year’s Eve, you can find plenty of holiday spirit in Leadville. And enjoy small-town charm while browsing quiet downtown shops for locally made gifts. Check out our 2019 holiday happenings! Looking for outdoor ...

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                                                                                      Evansville Loop – Groomed Winter Trail – East Side Mining District

                                                                                            Trail Name: Evansville Loop Distance: 4 miles Elevation Gain: 10,800’ – 11,400’ Activities: Motorized and non-motorized: Nordic ski, fat bike, snowshoe, snowmobile, snow bike Equipment: Rent equipment in downtown Leadville Cost: Free * Conditions: See the latest grooming report for the East Side Mining District TRAIL MAP (interactive map / printable map) Why It’s a Gem A favorite for skate skiers who ...

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                                                                                            Mt. Massive Golf Course Ski and Snowshoe Trails

                                                                                            259 County Road 5A, Leadville, CO 80461

                                                                                                  Trail Name: Mt. Massive Golf Course Distance: 6k at the golf course and 6k at the Links to Lake loop that starts at the golf course parking. Elevation Gain: Minimal; golf course elevation is 9,860’ Activities: Non-motorized: Nordic ski, snowshoe Overall Difficulty Rating: Green Equipment: Rent equipment in downtown Leadville Lessons: Learn from Dan Batwinas, USSA Level 200 Cross Country Ski Coach. ...

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                                                                                                  Mineral Belt Trail – Groomed Winter Trail

                                                                                                        Trail Name: Mineral Belt Trail Distance: Loop of 11.6 miles, with numerous access points Elevation Gain: 9,900' - 10,600' Activities: Non-motorized: Nordic ski, skate ski, snowshoe, fat bike, walk Difficulty Rating: Blue Equipment: Rent equipment in downtown Leadville Cost: Free * Conditions: See the latest grooming report. TRAIL MAP Why It’s a Gem This trail loops the city of Leadville, ...

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                                                                                                        Stumptown Loop – Groomed Winter Trail – East Side Mining District

                                                                                                        Co Rd 3, Leadville, CO 80461

                                                                                                              Trail Name: Stumptown Loop Distance: 3.5 miles Elevation Gain: 11,000’ – 11,400’ Activities: Motorized and non-motorized: Nordic ski, fat bike, snowshoe, snowmobile, snow bike Equipment: Rent equipment in downtown Leadville Cost: Free * Conditions: See the latest grooming report for the East Side Mining District TRAIL MAP (interactive map / printable map). Why It’s a Gem You’ll start near trees, wind ...

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                                                                                                              Tennessee Pass Nordic Center – Groomed Winter Trails

                                                                                                                |  (719) 486-1750  |  Website >

                                                                                                                    Trail Name: Tennessee Pass Nordic Center Distance: 27 kilometers (nearly 17 miles) of set track and wide skate lanes Activities: Non-motorized: Nordic ski, skate ski, snowshoe, fat bike Difficulty Rating: Mostly green and blue, with some black Equipment: Select classic XC skis, skate skis, fat bikes, or snowshoes from the Nordic Center’s well-stocked rental program. Lessons: Private and group lessons! Please ...

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