Go Fat Biking Year ‘Round in Leadville & Twin Lakes

        Leadville and Twin Lakes, Colorado, are renowned for having some of the world’s best fat biking trails!

        They are so good that the Fat Biking World Championship will be held in Leadville in January 2024.

        The challenging terrain and incredible scenery at nearly two miles high attracts biking activists from all over. Fat biking lets you see hard-to-reach places and the natural beauty of Colorado’s high mountain terrain.

        Fat biking Leadville-Twin Lakes Colorado

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        What Is Fat Biking?

        For the newbies, the term “fat biking” refers to the large bicycle tires that help increase traction. Fat bikes are similar to mountain bikes, but they have even larger tires to provide stability. They allow the rider to navigate where even mountain bikes might struggle. The fat tires also provide a smoother ride in all conditions, including snow, sand, and mud. Fat biking began in the early 1900s and has grown in popularity in recent times.

        When Is the Best Time to Fat Bike?

        Fat biking season is year ’round. Because of the wide tires, many people are able to ride right over the rocks and roots with confidence. And the best part is that fat bikes ride the same singletrack trails as mountain bikes!

        Those wide tires come in handy to cruise across the snowpack, with peak winter months from January to March.

        Fat biking Leadville-Twin Lakes Colorado

        : @scottandersonphoto

        Fat Biking Trails at Leadville and Twin Lakes

        Leadville and Twin Lakes offer elite trails that are sure to get your heart pumping! Although there are many trails, we highly recommend these:

        These trails range from beginner to expert-level difficulty, and their level of challenge can fluctuate with the weather. See trail ratings and conditions around Leadville and Twin Lakes.

        Rent a Fat Bike

        Rent a fat bike from one of the local shops. Since you probably don’t live at 10,000 feet, you might want to get one with the electrical assistance feature. Seriously, it’s different up here!

        Upcoming Events

        If you’re searching for a competitive challenge, Leadville offers multiple fat bike races, for novice riders and up. You can even enter the Fat Biking World Championship, being held in Leadville in January 2024!

        Be sure to join these events! Check our calendar or the links below for details as the dates get closer.

        Leadville Winter Mountain Bike Series: Colorado Cup

        Leadville Winter Mountain Bike Series: Tennessee Pass Night Jam

        Leadville Winter Mountain Bike Series: Mineral Belt Mayhem
        Leadville Winter Mountain Bike Series: Fatty Patty 50k

        Leadville Winter Mountain Bike Series: East Side Epic

        Visit Leadville-Twin Lakes

        Leadville and Twin Lakes are the proud home to some of the best fat biking in Colorado! After exploring the trails, be sure to visit our town to experience more amazing natural beauty, restaurants, lodging, and more.

        Whether you are a thrill seeker, history buff, high-country explorer, or foodie, Leadville-Twin Lakes has something for you to enjoy. Plan your vacation and fat biking tour to Leadville-Twin Lakes today!

        : E-Bike Leadville (photo in upper left)

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