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**Leadville & Twin Lakes Village are open; See info for Twin Lakes fire**

Please see our Interlaken Fire Page for visitor info.


See how to keep Leadville & Twin Lakes beautiful.

See our fire safety information.

THINGS TO DO: With an average of 310 days of sunshine a year, historic silver mining boomtowns,  the state’s highest peaks, and abundant public lands, Leadville and Twin Lakes, Colorado, feature countless opportunities for year-round, high-country fun. Discover our trails, tours, and high peaks!


    History & Culture

    Leadville’s history is filled with dramatic stories of real people who mined in this frontier mountain town. Now museums, a walking tour and a driving tour let you experience life during the silver boom.

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    See the current status of COVID-19 and area travel.

    Natural Attractions

    There are so many things to see and do. The Leadville/Lake County Visitor Center in downtown Leadville is a great resource for maps, menus, brochures and information about area attractions.

    Sitting at the top of the Rockies, Leadville and Twin Lakes have majestic beauty and outdoor adventure on another level.

    Visit us, and you’ll be surrounded by Colorado’s highest peaks, vast forests, and blue glacial waters. You’ll also discover the wonders of two genuine and historic mountain towns. In fact, Leadville was named by Smithsonian Magazine as one of The 15 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2023!

    You might be relaxed by the magic of being above it all. Or you might be emboldened to push your physical limits. Either way, you’ll treasure North America’s highest-elevation city and its surroundings.


    Play Outside in All Seasons


    Summers are refreshingly cool, fall colors come early, and winter offers abundant snow. Do you like to experience the great outdoors on foot, on wheels, in waders? On skis, boards, boats, or skates? All of the above? Then you’ll find Leadville and Twin Lakes the perfect place to play!

    This part of Colorado has long yielded treasures for miners. Today, it yields a very different kind of treasure for outdoor adventurers of all interests. Take on a physical challenge and reap the rewards of sky-high views. Learn about backcountry safety, and experience the beauty of the mountains in any season.


    Genuine and Historic Mountain Towns


    Visit us to experience the spirit of the Silver Rush. You’ll soon see why Leadville, at 10,152’ the highest-elevation city in North America, was named one of America’s Best Historic Small Towns in 2020 by USA TODAY. You’ll also learn why visitors love the historic village of Twin Lakes.

    Today, you can find modern restaurants, saloons, shops, and lodging in Victorian-era buildings on the National Historic Register. Ride a scenic train along the historic miners’ line. Wander the museums. Explore the Interlaken ghost resort. Hike and bike and drive past 1880s mining sites. Discover these gems that you can’t find just anywhere.


    Gritty, Welcoming Community


    In Leadville and Twin Lakes, we carry on the tough, gritty spirit of the rock-blasting miners, strong women, and immigrants from around the world who established this part of Colorado.

    At this altitude, locals are still tough and unconventional. We value the towns’ tight-knit community and the land’s solitude and beauty. We go outside in all kinds of weather for the sheer fun of it.

    And we’re excited to welcome you.


    Respect Our Home


    Visitors must respect our home to earn our respect. Yet we always welcome those who appreciate this remote, magical place high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

    As a visitor, you can expect a real working-class town, genuine conversations, a down-to-earth Colorado mountain-town vibe and an endearing quirkiness. Are you awed by this special place? Do you want to have rich life experiences?

    Come visit, and we’ll show you the way!

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