New: Meet the Characters of California Gulch, Online

        If you love the mining history in Leadville, Colorado, don’t miss this new online exhibit from the National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum. The painting depicts California Gulch, just to the southeast of downtown Leadville, where you can still see remnants of the famous mines. Within this simple painting are stories of colorful characters from Leadville’s mining days.

        Colorful Characters in California Gulch

        Did you know that the industrious Augusta Tabor, first wife of silver mining magnate Horace Tabor, is the first recorded woman of European descent to enter Leadville’s earliest gold camp?

        That silver mined in Leadville was the initial source of the Guggenheim fortune? Or that Meyer Guggenheim’s son Benjamin, who once lived in Leadville, was on board the Titanic when it struck the iceberg? Gallant Benjamin and his butler helped the women in their party aboard lifeboats. Then they returned to their quarters to change into their best suits to “go down like gentlemen.” Their bodies were never recovered.

        Click through this interactive online exhibit to learn many more interesting tidbits about California Gulch’s history, geology, and modern uses.

        See the Site and the Painting

        When you come to see us next, make sure to take a spin through the Mineral Belt Trail, which goes right through the middle of this fascinating gulch. And, when the National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum reopens, make sure to see the painting in person.

        “The Roots of ASARCO”  is a 1992 acrylic on canvas painting by Bill Harrington. It was donated to the museum in 1995 and features California Gulch as it appeared in 1910. The interactive exhibit is made possible through the support of Fred Mark and Vince Matthews. Copyright NMHFM 2020.

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