Silver Dollar Saloon

Silver Dollar Saloon

315 Harrison Avenue, Leadville, CO 80461   |   (719) 486-9914   |   Website >

        This Irish-style Western saloon has a wide variety of drinks, from your favorite beers, whiskey and cocktails to Irish specialty drinks, as well as lunch and dinner.

        As you walk in, you will be amazed by the charm and old wood character of the building. The walls at the legendary Silver Dollar Saloon are filled with many memories of the past, from pictures of people and places to the last rope used in a local hanging. Doc Holliday, Oscar Wilde, and many others have wet their whistles here. During Prohibition, the Silver Dollar had booths in the back enclosed by curtains and a trap door behind the bar for quick disposal of bottles if a revenuer came to town.

        We host gatherings of motorcycle clubs, weddings, family reunions, bachelor parties, anniversary celebrations, and more in our historic old building here in Leadville.


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