Carner’s Cabin

Carner’s Cabin

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        A secluded cabin in a high alpine environment at 11,700 feet! Truly off-grid, without electricity, running water, NO WiFi. Beautifully furnished with fabulous furniture and wonderful beds to sleep 8-10. Just bring a sleeping bag & pillow case!

        Winter Access: By ski/skin, snowshoe or snowmobile only. 2 miles and 1000 foot gain to cabin. Takes approximately 3 hours on rolling and steep terrain.

        Summer Access: By high-clearance, 4×4 vehicle and requires low gears (rental SUV not recommended).

        We Also Offer Sherpa Services – The host will haul your gear, food, and other essentials by snowmobile so you can ski/skin/snowshoe unencumbered to the cabin.

        ** To book the Sherpa Service, send an email to

        Climax Revival’s purpose is to share our passion for Chalk Mountain’s historic land through inspiring events and educational experiences. We serve the community through alignment with Lake County’s Comprehensive plan of utilizing one of its’ best assets – a high alpine, backcountry environment.

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