Weston Pass Hut

Weston Pass Hut

14900 E State Hwy 82, Twin Lakes, CO 81251   |   (719) 293-4859   |   Website >

        Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, we are not permitting multiple groups to travel to the hut at the same time. When you book the hut for $378, you can bring up to a maximum of 12 people. Please use proper precautions with your group while staying at the hut. The beds are covered vinyl mattress covers, and pillows are not provided.

        Embark on a rugged adventure at 11,950’ at the top of Weston Pass near Leadville, in Colorado’s highest backcountry hut lodging. The hut offers four private bedrooms and a unique experience for backcountry skiers, wildlife enthusiasts, x-c motorcyclists, hikers, mountain bikers, and other adventurers.

        Built with locally harvested and milled beams and a unique tundra roof, the hut faces an open valley with stunning views of Mount Holy Cross and the surrounding mountains.

        In the summer, you can access miles of hiking trails in wilderness frequented by elk, hawks, bears, moose, deer, and coyotes. During much of the summer, you can drive, hike, or bike to the hut from either Lake or Park county. Although we recommend high clearance vehicles, the unpaved roads on Weston Pass are well-maintained.

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        Winter & Spring Trips

        In the winter and early spring, you can access the hut on skis, snowshoes, snowmobiles, or snowcats. During your stay, you can ski terrain ranging from steep bowls to mild, beginner-friendly slopes.

        Getting to Weston Pass Hut in the winter is a strenuous adventure. It is strongly advised that you or someone in your party has experience with backcountry skiing, or with snowmobiles if snowmobiling up, before embarking on this trip.

        Check our Colorado Backcountry Winter Safety Resources for more information on snowy backcountry travel.

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