Tabor Home

Tabor Home

116 East 5th Street, Leadville, CO   |   (855) 488-1222 / (719) 486-7368

        The Tabor Home will be closed for summer 2020. Please check back for updates at a future date. Thank you!

        The home of silver king Horace Tabor and his first wife, Augusta, was built around 1877 and moved from its original site on Harrison Ave. to its present location to make room for the Tabor Opera House. The couple lived in this home until 1881, when Horace left Augusta for his mistress, Baby Doe.

        Augusta, Leadville’s “First Lady,” had great courage, super-human endurance and extraordinary business acumen. A dozen years after the sensational divorce that broke her heart, she died a millionaire. In that same year, Horace Tabor went bankrupt.

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