Top of the Rockies Zipline

Top of the Rockies Zipline

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        Top of the Rockies Zip Line is the only zip line in the world to fly over a train and Colorado’s only true backcountry zip line. You’ll jump from an elevation of 11,200′. Imagine the view!

        The Big Nugget Zip is a thrill, as you fly three across on triple cables. For the grand finale, land on our sky tower, 100′ above the ground.

        You’ll see a spectacular panorama of Mt. Elbert and Mt. Massive, two of the tallest peaks in the lower 48, from the deck of our yurt. Old historic patented gold mines and possibly wildlife are also part of the tour.  We’re open year ’round! Buy tickets now!

        Fishing and Train Combos

        In summer, combine zipping with fishing on our private reserve or with a ride on the Leadville scenic train. Reserve combo tickets!

        Snow Zipping

        In winter, try snow zipping for a special experience of Colorado’s winter landscape. For more adventure, add zoom to your zip, with a snowmobile tour and a warm lunch at our mountaintop yurt. Book now for a unique winter experience!

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