Explore Two Genuine & Historic Mountain Towns

        Come to Leadville and Twin Lakes, Colorado, and discover two genuine and historic mountain towns. Off the beaten path and full of rich history, they give a glimpse into the Colorado of days gone by. Explore the many things to do!

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        Visit the Museums

        Tour these museums to learn more about mining and Leadville’s intriguing history:

        • Healy House Museum and Dexter Cabin: See how wealthy miners experienced Leadville during the silver boom days.
        • Heritage Museum: Discover Leadville memorabilia and fascinating facts about this mining town.
        • House with the Eye: Experience day-to-day life of upper middle-class Leadville in the late 1800s and early 1900s.
        • National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum: Learn the story of mining from yesterday to tomorrow, see a world-class gem and mineral collection, walk through life-sized mine replicas, and much more.
        • Tabor Home: Tour the home of mining magnate Horace Tabor and his first wife, Augusta.
        • Temple Israel: Learn about pioneer Jewish life, Leadville’s resident Jews, Temple Israel as a synagogue, and life in a mining town in the 1880s and 1890s.

        Twin Lakes General Store by @mountain_dogs_leadvilleShop Local

        Browse the shops in downtown Leadville—find antiques, clothes, art, books, gifts, and much more. In Twin Lakes village, discover a local art gallery and a general store from 1879, now full of modern souvenirs and supplies. 📷: @mountain_dogs_leadville

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        Enjoy Scenic Drives

        All roads to Leadville and Twin Lakes are part of the Top of the Rockies Scenic Byway. See miles and miles of mountaintops atop Independence Pass, between Twin Lakes and Aspen. Make the twisting drive to the pass at 12,095’, and you’ll know why they call it the top of the Rockies! 📷: @adesri_photography on Instagram

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        Ride the Train

        The Leadville, Colorado and Southern Railroad takes you high into alpine wilderness with stunning mountain views. Check out the 2021 specials—wildflower rides, BBQ specials, and fall photo weekends. Reserve a booth in the new heated lounge car or book a leg of your trip in the engine or caboose. Or combine your ride with a zipline or whitewater rafting tour! 📷: @dramanat7 on Instagram

        Tabor Opera House

        Take a History Tour

        • Matchless Mine: Hear the riches-to-rags story of the Tabors, peer down the shaft of the mine that fueled the Tabor fortune, and see the cabin where Baby Doe Tabor lived out her years.
        • Tabor Opera House: See pieces from one of the finest collections of historic stage scenery in North America, which date to 1879 and were discovered at the Tabor in 2020.

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        Take a Historic Walking Tour

        Grab a map for a walking tour of Leadville’s National Historic Landmark District and marvel at its late 1800s Victorian architecture. The historic walking tour of Twin Lakes Village takes you to an old schoolhouse, dance hall, hotel, and more.

        The Leadville/Lake County Visitor Center or the Twin Lakes Red Rooster Visitor Center have maps, which are also available online. 📷: @jagralewski

        Follow the Route of the Silver Kings

        On the Route of the Silver Kings, discover mining treasures. Tour Leadville’s East Side Mining District by car. Or rent a mountain bike or hike these quiet country roads past original mining equipment from the late 1800s.

        Downtown Leadville CO by Diana Lange

        Eat and Drink

        Fill your belly with delicious food and drink. Choose from American fare, locals’ favorite pizza, tasty Mexican food, Cuban coffee and sandwiches, and much more. Dine or sip on a rooftop with mountain and town views, a sunny sidewalk table, a historic diner or saloon, or a renovated Victorian-era building.

        Attend a Concert or Play

        FREIGHT Leadville is hosting a series of concerts and plays this summer. Check our events calendar for these dates and other events; we will update throughout the summer!

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